Is Futurology Just Another Pseudo Science?

Scientists are often a little miffed when psychologists, social-scientists, economists, philosophers try to purport they are also in the sciences and that their research is at the same level. Many real scientists get upset with the ease to which Ph.D.’s are awarded for the social sciences, many are able to get their degrees without nearly the rigorous work that actual rocket scientists go through. Often, students in college choose the social science degree programs because they are less work, and easier to complete.

Now, when we call all these other so-called-sciences, pseudo-sciences it really makes those who work in these fields angry that we think of them as lesser. Personally speaking, I am one of those hard-core folks who dismiss these areas of studies as nothing more than pseudo-sciences, so I am perhaps, not well liked by those who hold such degrees.

Next, I’d like to mention another study or area of thought that could be said to be an extension of Philosophy, Social Science, technology, history and psychology; the study of futurology. You may recall hearing the label; Futurist?

A person who studies the future, and when you think about this, you may also agree that it does not necessarily belong in the science category. And although it uses current technology and science as well as the others mentioned to predict and determine possible futures, you probably see it as a little bit of crystal ball gazing mixed with a “generalist” understanding of industry, society, technology and the likes. So, if you see Futurology as a Pseudo Science, you could be right. Please consider all this.