Volcom Frost Snow Pants

Something that most people don’t understand about snow pants is the fact that there is a real science involved along with that trendy ‘look’ that most guys want. Being fashionable isn’t going to cut it when you are out in below freezing weather, in the middle of a snowy wet blizzard. You need technology to keep out the cold and to allow for your body temperature to stay in. That’s where the technology behind Volcom Frost Pant comes in.

Known as their ‘V-Science’ technology, Volcom crafts the Frost Pant with a V-Science two layer shell and a Co-Logical-2 Twill. The fabric is V-Science Resin Denim, V-Science Stone Weave that is breathable with fully taped seams. The pants themselves are a slim fit and as trendy as you can imagine, yet providing all the warmth you will need when out in the most frigid of elements.

Some of the features include a zip to jacket interface, a stone butt patch, triple reinforced rise, adjustable inner waistband, hand warmer pockets, V-Science boot gusset with strap and a stretch boot gaitor with a lace hook. Those are just some of the features that indicate just how effective the Frost Pant by Volcom truly is.

When it comes to your safety out in sub-zero weather with the wind whipping around you, there is no room for bargain basement snow pants. Volcom is a perfect blend of state-of-the-art fabric technology and trendy fashion that is well worth the price. You can find Volcom products in local sporting goods stores as well as online. If you intend to spend any amount of time out of doors this winter, Volcom is one fashion you should investigate.